ChamberTite Ground Source Heat Manifold Chamber


ChamberTite manifold chamber provides a watertight vacuum testable chamber for all your manifold piping connections with variable height options between 630 and 1730mm.

  • Strong yet lightweight
  • Watertight but cost effective
  • Easy to install
  • Will not crack or corrode.
  • Available in a range of sizes

Manufactured from strong rotationally moulded polyethylene the chambers will not corrode. The riser is easily cut down to suit the site burial depths and the base is easily drilled to fit watertight ChamberTite duct boots and pipe glands to seal all the entries into the chamber. Allows all connections and pipe joints to be within the chamber and therefore maintainable over the life of your system.

Large DrawPit Height Ranges            Shallow base (400 mm) 630, 730, 830mm (Excluding Lid)   
            Medium base (650mm) 880, 980, 1080 mm

Each riser has three height adjustment levels. Should deeper chambers be required please ask.

Chambers can be manufactured in your preferred colour to order or are available as standard in white.

Ideally suited for installation below our lightweight watertight composite manhole cover when chambers are to be installed in trafficked areas. 

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